It begins with listening.

The best legal advice comes from an attorney who truly listens to you and has the experience and skill to create a plan that meets your needs. Mike Tierney of Michael P. Tierney Law Office is recognized for providing a wide range of estate planning, estate and trust administration, and related legal services with uncommon personal attention and expertise.

Mike is the owner of Michael P. Tierney Law Office and has 30 years of experience providing assistance to individuals, families and business owners from the Twin Cities metropolitan community. In his practice, Mike has helped hundreds of diverse clients: young, elderly, healthy, infirm, wealthy and less well off. Each client presents a unique set of concerns and Mike’s depth of experience combined with his attentive approach allows him to provide quality assistance to all.

Wills and Trusts

Mike works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals. He has frank discussions with his clients about their concerns, and prepares a documents to address the client’s specific and unique situation Mike provides appropriate legal guidance, and,

Probate and Estate

Sometimes even the best planning cannot prevent a family dispute. Handling such an intra-family dispute requires sensitivity and tact. Mike has experience handling will or trust disputes efficiently, through mediation or trial, to obtain the best resolution. Where probate, trust

General Practice

From his years of experience Mike has developed an extensive knowledge of the many legal areas that complement his practice, including property, tax, business, and family law. Mike has also advised individuals and companies in employment matters including hiring, termination,